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Contact Us to Rent exclusive cars for your
special occasion!

AONE loves special occasions and events. If you want to make your event or occasion special by having one of our luxury, exotic, or sport vehicles for a short amount of time, AONE will deliver the vehicle of your dreams to your event and allow you to briefly use the vehicle for your enjoyment at a 10 percent discount!

Contact Us for Charity and Business Programs

Rental Partner Program

This programs seeks to partner AONE Luxury Rentals with different businesses that perform exotic and sports car maintenance. To qualify, please contact the AONE Partner System manager for further assistance. Maintenance can include oil changes, vehicle detailing, tire changes, engine cleaning, upholstery repair, electronics installation, tire/brakes enhancements, and more.

AONE Business Circle

The AONE Circle is a program and process seeking to partner and promote small businesses within the Memphis area. Many techniques include monthly setup of a presentation board for display of business cards to customers that enter any of the numerous AONE businesses or AONE affiliates. Please, call or visit an AONE location to leave business cards or postcards promoting your business brand.

AONE Charity and AONE Exotic Rides

This program seeks to do two things. First, AONE seeks to assist charities (501c3 companies) by curating and coordinating events that showcase exotic cars and tattoo arts in lieu of raising money (contributions) for charities. Second, AONE seeks to cheffear kids around town for as much as an hour to stimulate inspiration and dreams. Some charities that are dear to AONE are those that support entrepreneurship and those supporting healthy competitive board games for kids.